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Soco Perinatal Providers

Welcome to our local resource list. Here you will find a wealth of knowledge through vetted professionals that stand with SPN's vision and values. We aim to be inclusive of every area of support you need for a fulfilling and holistic journey during pregnancy, birth and postpartum that carries into your life as an individual and as a parent. We are offering this resource free to the community within our membership portal, to keep any families that are in need of being connected with the right services in our network so we can support in any other area that is needed. If you are looking for a service you don't see here, please reach out to us at:

This list is categorized into three sections: Body Support, In-Home Support and Mind/Education. Please note that we recognize all of these areas intersect one another and some providers give more than one type of support - however for ease of access we chose these categories so you have an opportunity to consider what areas of support you may need and explore others you may have not considered.

B  O  D  Y


I  N  -  H O M E

in home

M  I  N  D  S  E  T

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