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We are Co-Creating Our Network

We are a mom-led professional group that recognizes the importance and value of your time and the need for accessibility to individualized support. We are a group comprised of multiple professions offering services surrounding the pregnancy and postpartum time-frame. SPN offers one place to access all of the support you may need during this life transition, answering all your questions, connecting you to the right providers to meet your needs and guiding you along your own path. We aim to be there every step of the way for each individual/family that comes to us because we whole-heartedly believe we were never meant to do this alone. We know first-hand how much education, advocacy and inner-work it takes to navigate this time in your life - so let us take some of the work on for you by discovering together what your personal goals are and creating the support system you need to thrive.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa
Our Mission

Our Mission

To support our local families in making healthy decisions by giving access to the multiple birth and postpartum providers through one gateway while supporting one another professionally and personally. 

Pregnant Woman on Couch
Mother and a Child

Our Vision

We aim to create a built in support network and community, where everyone feels seen, heard and valued and doesn't have to work so hard to get the support they deserve. We believe family and autonomy are the foundational pieces of our humanity and supporting one another strengthens us all, one connection at a time. We shouldn't have to do this alone, together we can all do this.

Our Mission

Our Values

Accessibility - We want these services to be available for everyone who needs them. Support should NOT be a luxury and it should not cost you all your energy to find the right fit.

Integrity - Our aim is to create a space that can be shared by all, that makes a lasting impact and build a community isn't afraid to shift when there is a need to better serve all families and individuals.

Connection - We want to bring our community together and grow strong through learning from one another, being able to lean on each other and helping support each individual's choices.


Bravery + Open mindedness - It can be hard to ask for support, it can be hard to reach out into the community when we live in  society that tells us we should be able to manage it all on our own and it can be hard to share space with many different people that may not come from similar backgrounds as you which is why we ask that our members and professionals alike keep a brave heart and an open mind when we are together.

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